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Why Offshoring is the answer to your business growth in 2021 – Part 2

As mentioned in my last article, we couldn’t agree more when Marcus Lemonis mentioned that for any company to scale, they would need to work on the 3 P’s: “people, process, and product.”  

We established that having an offshore team is a worthy pillar for the “people” part. Not only would it create sustainable solutions due to the cost-effective salary grade and skillset, but they are also enhancers for “process” and “product.” 

Besides those mentioned, let us further elaborate on how an offshore team can take your business to new heights. 

1 – You invest on growing your Tribe 

Your company represents a solution that you strongly believe in. Like your onshore team, an offshore team becomes advocates for your business. 

Not only do they propel your solutions to your clients, but they also proliferating your company vision and direction. 

2- Better Knowledge and understanding of your Business 

The longer someone works in your business, the better they become at being a champion in your business.  

They adapt your processes or methodologies, and they become an expert on your products/solutions. 

3 – Cost-effectiveness 

There is a terrible misconception that due to the salary range is lower, their skillset is also low.  

The truth is, the rates of the offshore staff are based on what the acceptable pay scale for the skills and experience is of the country the staff is based in.  All this based on the cost of living and other economic factors of their country. 

As a business owner we are always focused on delivering a high standard of outcomes while reducing our cost. Offshoring is a solution for you to meet these goals. 

Deciding on implementation of an offshore team can be a big decision and takes deliberation. Want to talk it over from someone with actual experience to learn more about offshore? We offer a free consultation regarding the matter.   

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