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How Building a Sales Team Can Help You Scale Faster in 2023

How building a sales team can help you scale faster in 2023 - TGT

Getting leads into your sales funnel is just one part of your objective, and the other is closing them. But for this to be successful, it requires two things: an effective sales process and a competent sales team.

For each sales process, there are several touchpoints that need to be looked after. Reaching your projected sales target for your business within a specific time frame can help determine where your business is headed to within the next couple of months.

 When should you start building a sales team?  

Whether you’re a startup or a growing business, timing is important in building a sales team. You need to strategically plan everything out, and only then will you be able to consistently achieve revenue and growth for your business. Before expanding, here are a few things you may want to consider: 

  • Is there a growing demand for your products and services? 
  • Are you getting more sales drips than conversions? 
  • Is your organization inundated with too many tasks that you are unable to focus on your core sales objectives? 
  • Are you burning leads because you’re unable to nurture them properly?

But here’s the catch—expanding your sales team can increase revenue by lowering sales drips and increasing conversion.

If you want to further increase your revenue, this is when you start thinking of going global. Here at TGT, we have a pool of global talents that you can hire at a much lower rate to help you achieve your long-term goals.  

In a given sales process, there are different roles that could focus on each touchpoint. Below are the different roles you can fill with a global talent:

  • Sales Admin 

Sales admins will be responsible for taking calls from potential customers and providing quotations on sales orders. They can also bid and negotiate prices with suppliers, as well as handling general data entry tasks.  

Hiring a sales admin will help you get more conversions and repeat sales as they are knowledgeable in sourcing clients and prospective customers.

  • Appointment Setters  

Appointment setters are experts in lead generation and increasing brand awareness for your business. They can help in identifying your buyer personas and build a more efficient sales funnel.

  • After Sales Support Officer 

Every business understands that customer satisfaction is important as this determines how well your products and services meet customer expectations and needs.  

And this is where after sales support officers come in. They provide support for after-sales matters, such as basic troubleshooting and assisting customers in following up any delivery or warranty concerns. 

Just to add, have we mentioned that building a global sales team can also free you up as much as 40 hours a month? Imagine what you could do for your business and personal life with having that much time on your hands. 

 Meet your sales goals in 2023 by expanding your team as early as now. Reach out to us and let’s talk about the benefits that TGT can offer.  

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