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How To Grow Out of Being a Small and One-Man Business Through Offshoring

Turning a brainchild into a high yielding business is the dream for all entrepreneurs. But to reach great heights, evolving from a small or one-man team to a dynamic team is key.  

And that is where most businesses growth is hindered—the inability to expand beyond a small team. The bigger the team is, the more things get done.  

To grow a team, you will need enough money to afford to have a new team member. This cost usually covers expenses on overhead cost, salary, and benefits, and it should be low enough so that it still gives you enough profit margin. 

With the increasing wage costs and talent shortage, many are reluctant to make a huge shift for their business with the fear of ending up in a big financial hole. 

But as the business landscape continues to evolve, so does the need for creating and planning out bold strategies to maintain a competitive edge.  

Based on the feedback we have received from our partners who operate in a one-man to small scale, one of the biggest problems they used to face daily before working with us were the following:  


  • Minimizing tasks to free up their hours at work 
  • Cost reduction 
  • Improving business processes 


Scaling your business can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be if you make the right decisions.  

We discuss tips on how you can accelerate growth for your business by hiring an offshore team. 


1. The starting capital for building a team is lower 

You can hire more people for your team because of the lower expenses of having an offshore team.  

Generally, an offshore staff has a lower salary (compared to a local talent in your area). You can also further reduce costs by not having to worry about equipment, spending hours on processing payroll, and others. 


2. Restore your work-life balance 

Having more people onboard means more tasks can be delegated to. With less on your “to-do” list, you have more time to focus on other matters of your business, or in life in general. 


3. Make future growth easier by documenting processes 

Your offshore team can document the process that they are doing, making it easier to pass on knowledge to new members of your team. 

Documentation can also help you identify which tasks need to be improved to make your overall business processes more efficient and streamlined. 


4.Hire the right talent 

With offshoring, you can find the right talent in experts who know the state of recruitment in the area. 

Offshoring can provide relevant recruitment strategies to help you find the right talent through assessments for knowledge, logical reasoning, and soft skills.

The Bottomline: Offshoring 

Taking the things mentioned above into consideration, these tips all come down to one thing: offshoring.  


To recap, offshoring can:  

  • Gain access to a huge talent pool, giving you more chances to build the right team at a much lower cost.  
  • Minimize repetitive and time-consuming tasks 
  • Have more time to focus on your business’ core competencies.   


These are just some of the great benefits of offshore staffing services. Not sure how to get started with offshoring? Get in touch with us and we’ll walk you through each step and guide.  

You may also check out our white papers to get a comprehensive guide about how you can elevate your business.

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