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Get insights on what make offshoring the “go-to” solutions to today’s MSPs

You’re Falling Behind in the Race to Build an Offshore Team

In 2021, more companies are understanding the value of building an offshore Team. Companies inquiring about our offerings shifted their conversation from “what is offshoring?” to “how can we get started?” 

If you’re still in the phase of discovery or trying to understand what is offshoring, let us put you up to speed. This way, it’ll be less effort at your end to catch up with your competitors in terms of: 

  • Finding the right talent sooner 
  • Having 24/7 coverage 
  • Ability to meet the growing demand for MSPs 
  • More savings for investments 

What is offshoring 

In a nutshell, you need a team and offshore staffing providers like TGT find you with the staff from our bigger talent pool in the Philippines.  

We remove the headaches of recruitment, skills assessment, onboarding, and dealing with meeting the statutory regulation on payroll and labor.  

What you should look for in an offshore staffing provider 

It should be a given that having an offshore team can drive down labor expenses for your business. These are the questions you should be asking when choosing a provider: 

  • How long have they been in business?  
  • Do they have any social proof of client satisfaction and helping clients grow (besides the one listed on their website)?  
  • What is their IT Infrastructure or how do they keep your data safe from cyber-attacks? 
  • Are they ISO certified? 

See the full checklist here.

What kind of roles can you hire 

You can hire pretty much any role in the market, but some roles would be more readily available than others. 

Common roles you can hire are 

  • L1, L2 and L3 IT Support Engineers 
  • Inside Sales  
  • Appointment Setter 
  • Digital Marketeers 
  • Administrative Assistant 
  • Bookkeepers 
  • Accountants 
  • Web Developers / Designers 
  • And others 

The qualifications for each of those roles above need to be aligned with your idea of what each role brings. This should be brought up on your discovery call. 

After getting the details for the above items, you should be able to decide if offshoring is a fit for your business, and if you do decide to move forward, don’t wait until January, start now. 

Why Start Now 

Some of your competitors are waiting to start building their offshore team in the first quarter. To get the head start and get first dibs on premium talent, you need to get started as soon as possible. 

Quite frankly, the race to build an offshore team started months ago, but it is still not too late if you get started today. 


Book a meeting with us to start building your teams. You may reach out to us at or fill out this form.

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