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Why the Philippines is the leading Offshore Staffing Provider

The Philippines takes the top spot as the leading offshore solution provider of outsourcing services in Asia. It is one of the fastest growing marketplaces for international business, and there is a logical explanation for that.  

For starters, the Philippines has a well-developed infrastructure.  It provides a high level education, accessible healthcare, and other cultural factors that create a well-rounded and diligent workforce.  

Another point that tips the scale for businesses to invest on having a Filipino team is the non-existent of the language barrier. Approximately 99% of Filipinos speak and understand English. In fact, Philippines received an English Proficiency Index score of 60.14, taking the second place in the top English proficient countries in Asia. 

Elaborating more the level of education, it is good to mention that 47% of the Filipino workforce possess a college degree or higher, which is high compared to the 16% of India and China. 

With all that winning points, the Philippines easily becomes the primary choice for offshoring solutions for businesses.  

In Manila alone, there are 10,000 companies that offer outsourcing and business process management services. 

Many of these entities thrive by supporting the IT industry. Numerous studies have shown that the Philippines is an ideal location for both IT-enabled outsourcing and business process management due to its low labour cost, high English proficiency, excellent infrastructure, favourable tax rates. 

In another study, when it comes to outsourcing operations, 81% of US companies would choose the Philippines. Besides that, it significantly brings down team operational cost, many find it easier to manage an offshore team of Filipinos. 

Given that offshoring staffing solutions only work as good as the internet, the Philippine corporate offices have one of the fastest internet connections in Asia with speeds up to 100mbps on average. 

With all these advantages combined, it’s no wonder why many businesses choose the Philippines as their destination for offshore operations. 

Having an offshore staff in the Philippines is a fantastic way to save your business money and improve engagement with clients while providing you with the resources needed to scale.  

The points mentioned above are just the beginning on how offshoring can benefit your business.  

Let us talk today about how offshoring might work for you and what it can do for your company! 

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