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Why Offshoring is the answer to your business growth in 2021 – Part 1

Now, as we start referring to the “New Normal” as the norm, many of us are moving forward  focusing on growing the business again.

As you start to focus on growing your company, you can’t do it on your own, and you will need talented team to bring your plans to life.  However, you may have discovered that the talent that you found is not at the skill level you require and asking salary is much higher than they are worth.

This then leaves you with a potential dilemma:

  • Do you hire these resources at a finance cost to your business? (Knowing they are not at the required skill level)
  • Do you cross your fingers and hope that your new staff is one of those rare hidden gems?
  • Do you look to delay your growth plans until the recruitment market is better suited to your needs?

The better question to ask is:

Is there another alternative you may not have explored?

With all your search, you may stumble upon the option of implementing an offshore team.

While you can spend hours researching, or we could give you save time by stating:

If you want to focus your investment on growth, we will give you the short answer: offshoring solution.

Marcus Lemonis, host of CNBC hit show “The Profit” preaches that any good business is based on “People, Process, Product.” The ability to consistently delivery on these is the best foundation for business success.

Having the right people (the right skills with cost-effective rates) is the third pillar that would sustain your growth plan.

Having an offshore team gives you the consistency you will need and in tandem with the other pillars. Here’s how:

They become an expert in your processes: In contrast to other options (such as outsourcing), offshore teams follow your processes and instructions.

They become knowledgeable with your product: The knowledge transfer to your offshore team regarding your product is easier as it comes from you directly.

Offshore team provides you the means for a sustainable growth. If you have any questions or want to understand how to get started with your offshore team, I would love to give you a walkthrough. This year let us focus on growth and let us show you how.

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