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Why Hiring Based on Personality than Skillset Should be Part of your Long Game

Don’t get us wrong, skillset is a critical part of why you should hire a person. However, it should not be the only reason to reward a job contract. 

Part of the decision-making about hiring should include assessing a candidate’s personality. Why? It is to ensure that the applicant will be a good fit for your company values and existing onshore team.

Some hiring managers tend to focus only on the technical skills of candidates without realizing that personality traits can also be beneficial at work. 

Based on our 10-year industry experience and from the feedback given by our partners, recruiting someone who matches your company culture can give you a much better chance of achieving what you want out of your business.

Personality can define how one excels in his/her job. This means an employee who is driven, enthusiastic, and is eager to learn can help your business thrive and flourish.

Let us explore which personality traits you should look for:

1.  Willingness to learn

Unlike personalities, skills can be learned and developed.  

The right attitude can drive a person to continuously learn more and eventually become an expert in the given field. 

Especially with technology in continuous state of changing, the willingness to understand how it works triumphs over those who are okay to be stagnant. 

To illustrate, a team of offshore staff can achieve their goals seamlessly and more efficiently if everyone has the willingness and attitude to collaborate.  

Supplemented with proper training and management, you will be surprised how fast a member of your staff can become your next model employee.  

A worker’s growth contributes to fostering a healthy and positive working culture.

2. Having Grit

The attitude of “sucking it up” or “taking the bulls by the horn” is also key. Identifying this personality trait can give insight on whether the applicant will be there when the going gets rough or will bail out on you.

3. Being Collaborative

Applicants who are willing to collaborate and/or work in a team portrays that he or she is reliable and is focus on achieving the goal. As many know, ego is the enemy of achieving the main objectives. 

There are other personality traits that you should identify during the interview, and many of these will manifest by asking the right questions to the candidate.  

If you need more tips on what to look for in a hire, check out our other article.


How TGT can help your business 

We put value on finding highly skilled offshore staff, but we also focus on candidates who possess traits that are culturally fit for your business.   

We do so by conducting intensive technical and personality screening and assessments, while also taking into consideration the candidates’ relevant expertise. 

With a huge pool of top-notch talent in the Philippines, we can find the right team that you can trust to move your company forward.  

Interested? Get in touch with us or fill up this form to learn more about our offshore staffing solutions.  

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