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Why Hiring an Offshore Staff Now Matters

In the past year, the demand for hiring a Filipino offshore staff skyrocket.  

Just last week, we noticed that many of our leads are asking less of “what is offshore staffing?” and more of “how do I get started?” 

For us, this is a good indicator that many are seeing the value of having an offshore team, and most importantly, in getting a head start on its benefits. 

Let us share with you how far ahead they are now. 

New Investments 

Those who started with us early on have already accrued six figure savings. Many of them are ready to use the savings for expansion and new ventures in 2022. 

Ready to take on the upcoming huge demand 

In several research, it is foreseen that the demand for MSP services will significantly increase in the next five years.  

With their offshore team, they have the capability to handle more incoming business and handle more growth. 

Created Contingency Plan 

Having an offshore Team gave many of our clients the time and flexibility to work on the various aspects of their business.  

One of them is preparing for a business continuity plan in case they are thrown into another situation like what happened with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Not Worried About Stress 

With more staff on your team, delegating tasks is easier. Furthermore, there is more to absorb the workload, making stress and burnouts an unlikely occurrence. 

All over the world, many are working as much 4 more hours in a week, adding more stress and instances of work burnout. But having an offshore staff curbs the chances of having unbearable amount of work stress. 

When it comes to starting a Filipino offshore staff or team, the best time is now instead of later. Despite the fact that if things are going well at this moment, it is still good to proactively find solutions that will benefit you in the long-run. 

Ready to get started with building your offshore team? Send us a quick message at or use the contact form here.

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