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What would you do with an extra day?

Having offshore staff can free you up as much as a day’s worth of work. The more staff you hire, the more available time that you get—as simple as that. 

Not only are there more resources to delegate the task to, but also more people who can potentially be ambassadors to your company. 

Now with less items on your to-do list and worries about how to propel your brand? What now? 

Here are a few suggestions: 

Touch base with Customers 

With all the uncertainty out there brought about by the pandemic, building a stronger customer relationship becomes more of a priority. 

Whether it is a simple phone call or a voice of the customer (VOC) survey, it sets forth a good message that you value your relationship with them. 

Create New Revenue Streams 

Got a new product or business idea that you always wanted to explore? With your extra time, you get to research, run tests, and eventually launch it. 

Additional revenue streams safeguard you from risks of unprecedented threats such as core offerings losing value, market saturation, and others. 

Take a break  

Not only because you deserve it, but when the mind is relaxed, it is when new ideas or solutions to past problems manifest themselves. 

Just a side note, as Daniel Goleman mentioned in his book “Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence,” one of the marvels that our brains could do is that it is able to subconsciously process problems. 

And the solutions usually manifest itself during a flow state or in a relaxed environment.  

Time is a valuable resource that we all have, and unfortunately, it is not renewable. Once it is spent, it could not be backtracked, unless you have a time-travelling DeLorean. 

There is an infinite possibility of what you can do with extra time on your hands, but before contemplating on what to do with it, you must first have it. 

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