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Upcoming Work Trends in 2022 – Part 2

More than two years have passed since the pandemic started. With more understanding and vaccines being rolled out, we are slowly shifting from a “reactive” mindset to a more proactive one. 

In the workplace, besides the buzz on remote or hybrid work, expectations and behavioral patterns also changed. 

Besides the trends mentioned on the first part of this upcoming work trend series (focus on upskilling, development of factions between home-based and office-based, and revamp on incentives), below are some of what we could conclude on what we could expect in 2022: 

Building Resilience 

In the previous years, the focus of most companies is efficiency. While that is still important, building resilience will take the spotlight. 

To avoid burn out or attrition, the conversation about how to improve employee welfare (for both mind and body) will be a more common topic. Discussions on how to improve the employee wellbeing will be extended not just in the physical aspect, but also in mental and financial aspects. 

Staff Monitoring 

Not being able to see if the staff is actually working or not could lead to questions of whether the staff is actually working or not. 

This is giving way to companies adding new tools to monitor employee behavior (such as Aware) through messaging platforms, web bundy, and more.  

However, it is important to note that such tools could breed a sense of distrust among staff. One of the suggested solutions is to establish a culture of accountability. 

Reconnecting People 

Being cooped up at home and social distancing brought a rift between staff. In 2022, reconnecting people and giving a sense of “togetherness” will be more relevant than ever. 

It is foreseen that inclusivity will drive better results by allowing more collaboration for all members of the staff, regardless of background and experience, and more ideas to flow through for discussion. 

How we work in 2022 and beyond will be different, and especially how we engage onshore and offshore teams.  

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