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Upcoming Work Trends in 2022 – Part 1

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the workplace dynamics shifted.  

From work setup to having a renewed focus on voice of the employees, health, and benefits, how we will work in 2022 will need to catch up to the times. 

Below are the foreseen trends in 2022 in the workplace: 

A Focus on upskilling and trainings 

As more people are finding ways to get more control in their lives, keeping themselves relevant or of value is becoming more important. 

Since the pandemic started, there is an uptick in people taking online courses. Consequently, in the work place, there will be more employees requesting for learning programs or will find it more valuable than having a ping pong table at work. 

Office-based versus Home-based 

Many companies are adopting the hybrid model, or some of their staff are working full-time at home and others are back at the office. 

According to studies by Kahoot!, the treatment for remote workers is different from office workers, who are getting a preferential treatment.  

In the study, office employees are more likely to get a raise and promotions that WFH workers because they are perceived to be more committed and seem to be more hard working. 

With that said, one of the biggest struggles to face in 2022 is overcoming that bias between an office worker and remote staff.  

This may require a revamp in company culture and more effort from managers to recognize effort wherever it is exercised.  

Revamping of Perks, Benefits & Mindset 

To attract and retain talent, many will be revisiting their offerings. In a global sense, many companies have already increased their salary offers, such as Amazon.  

Besides retail, technology jobs are the ones who will get a spike in their salaries

Aside salaries, health perks, and learning programs will be a big factor for attraction and retention.  However, not all would consider having a higher salary is the tipping point whether they should apply or stay in a role. 

A chunk of the workforce is now prioritizing mental health, work-life balance, and company culture. Giving each an employee a voice and their perception of how they are valued are becoming more important than ever. 

Bouncing back or taking over 2022 will require a solid team collaboration, and the above items are just a few that we will be facing heads on in the upcoming year. 

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