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Upcoming Changes in Workforce Behavior in 2023

More than ever, how people work is changing. What we once knew about finding talent and boosting productivity has already shifted. 

To keep up with the next evolution in workplace behaviors, here are predictions from experts on what will change in 2023. 

Applicants and Staff are prioritizing Job Security 

Because of the mental health strain of the pandemic, applicants (and even those who are considering shifting to another company) are becoming more particular about which company they will move to. 

Applicants and employees are analyzing websites and social sites to identify if the new (and perhaps current employer) can offer them that job security that they are looking for. 

They are looking for signs in terms of stability and what future they will have with the company. 

Companies can benefit from showing current employees and applicants’ information on how the company is doing and how it will progress in the future. 

Middle Management is Evolving 

For the most part, the role of middle managers has been all about managing employees and monitoring their performance. 

In 2023, the roles of middle managers are expected to shift to provide more coaching and mentoring. The workforce is hungry for more guidance and training, but it needs to be done in an empathetic manner. 

Providing the middle management, the means or training to learn how to properly mentor will bring out the best in your poductivity.  

 The role of middle managers is predicted to be more crucial in 2023

The Workforce is becoming more global 

The competition to fill roles in local talent pools is getting rougher by the minute. It is driving companies to increase their salary offerings to the point that profitability is affected. 

Because of this, many are discovering the benefits of building an offshore team where they could save up to 70% of labor cost.  

Having a global team is not a new concept, but more companies will embrace it while reaping the benefits of bigger profit margins. 

For the workforce, they will be more exposed to different cultures, ways of speaking, and behaviors.  

Having culture training would be beneficial for companies who are recently shifting to a global company. 

As the workforce behavior is shifting, keeping up with the trends is becoming more important than ever.   

To learn more about global team management and preparing your business in 2023, let’s have a conversation today. 

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