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Trouble Recruiting Talent? How Offshoring Staffing Solution Can Help

If you are having a challenging time filling that opening in your team, you are not alone. 

Many are struggling to find talent locally, mainly because of the talent pool are not vast and deep as the one available across the globe, such as the one in the Philippines. 

With thousands of Filipinos maturing into the IT space every year, chances are, the Philippine talent pool is growing faster than it is in your local area. 

By tapping on an offshore team model, you get access to a bigger talent pool. Let us explore some of its key benefits. 

You get to choose 

Not every applicant that sends their resume to you will be a great fit. Either because they do not have the right skillset, enough experience, or if their asking rate is out of range.  

If the number of applicants is meager, you might have to compromise on certain aspects just to fill that much-needed job opening. 

Now with a bigger talent pool, you have more selections of talent. You have more control over who you want to be part of your team, and no need to settle. 

Faster Recruitment Time 

Some of those who inquire about our offshore staffing solutions have been looking for local talent for an average of 3-8 months, and it might have been longer if they had not contacted us sooner. 

We could only imagine the missed opportunities for improving customer service, generating sales or cutting down on extra hours while looking for the right talent. 

With more available talent, the time to find the right staff could be slashed down significantly. 

Save Up More than Wages 

Having a dedicated offshore team can bring you savings on wages, but that is not all. Prior to becoming a valuable member of your Team, finding them will costs you. 

Besides spending on the ad, finding talent will cost you your most valuable resource: time. 

Screening through applications and assessments takes time. Setting and conducting the actual interview takes time. Onboarding talent also takes time. 

We understand that finding the right talent is harder ever since the pandemic started, but it does not have to be.  

The Philippine talent pool is growing with a sub-pool of great individuals with excellent communication skills, exceptional knowledge, and eager go-getters expanding more. 

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