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Top IT Monitoring Challenges and How Offshore Remote Teams can Beat them

Monitoring is crucial for MSPs as they provide services associated with the performance of IT infrastructures and networks. It provides value to the clients by detecting issues and finding solutions early on.
Though monitoring sounds like an easy task; it comes with its own complexities or challenges to make an MSP’s monitoring services of value to the clients.
Let’s explore the top challenges in IT monitoring and how offshoring can offer a solution:

Lack of staffing overhead

An MSP company may have several monitoring tools to look after different clients. One person can only look after so many networks, and as the clientele grows, so does the number of staff doing the monitoring.
However, because of the growing shortage of IT professionals in many parts of the world, hiring people to assist in the monitoring is getting to be a big concern for MSPs.

Solution: Finding IT professionals is a matter of learning where to look. With offshore remote staffing solution, you can deep dive into a bigger talent pool.


Discovering the root cause problem

Detecting the issue is one part of the solution, the other part knowing what caused it.  Though having more tools to gather data to be analyzed is crucial, so are the skills of the one who will interpret it.
This is where experience plays a critical role besides having in-depth IT knowledge.  Though there are skilled and experienced IT professionals around, in a way, it circles back to monitoring challenge #1.

Solution: Through offshoring, you can hire premium talent who has been tenured in detecting and solving network issues.  Particularly the talent pool in the Philippines, IT network professionals have garnered experience in various tools and challenges from clients from various parts of the world.


Slow Incident Resolution

Besides discovering the root cause of an issue, getting it resolved is another concern. Because of the concern in challenge #1, many are suffering from a backlog of unresolved issues.
Getting the right solution takes time, and the more time it takes, the bigger the backlog. Though it is understandable, finding a sustainable solution takes time.
The slower the resolution, the higher the chances that the client will look elsewhere for who could offer faster service.

Solution: Offshore staffing solutions allow you to have more IT professionals as resources to help distribute the work and offer faster incident resolutions.  In some cases, the overhead cost of hiring a local talent can be used to hire two or more offshore remote staff.
The demand for MSP to look after IT infrastructures and networks is foreseen to increase significantly in the next five years. To keep up, expanding teams is becoming a top priority for MSPs.
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