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The Great Talent Shortage: Where did all the IT Talent go?

Tech talent is one of the most in-demand roles, especially for MSPs whose industry is expected to grow more in the five years. 

But even with a high demand for IT talent, how come your job posts are not getting enough applicants? Here are some of the answers: 

Career Change 

In the US, more people are shifting into leadership and management roles and less into tech and data science, according to a Coursera report published June 2022. 

Many are taking up courses to study resilience, planning, experimenting, project management, and other people skill related subjects instead of learning or reinforcing their skills in IT. 

The Great Realization 

In a survey conducted by Indeed, 92% of the respondent who voluntarily resigned since March 2022 said that “life is too short to stay in a job they weren’t passionate about.”  

Because of the pandemic, many of us were exposed to life and death scenarios, triggering us to ask existential questions. 

From the same survey, 85% of those who quit chose to find work that is outside their current industry. 


Despite the fact that their earnings are not as stable as working in a company, many are surviving with finding freelance work in platforms such as Upwork, meaning there is no rush for them to look for work. 

With all those factored in, getting talent is becoming more difficult, making it troublesome for businesses to reach their growth plans. However, not all is lost. 

Building an offshore team with us allows you to tap into a growing talent pool of IT professionals who are passionate about their profession. 

We have helped 100s of MSPs to thrive (and even become MSP award-winners) with our solution. 

Want to know how to get started? Book a discovery call with us and we’ll guide you at every step from recruitment to all the way to daily operations. 

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