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Tasks that You Can Hire an Offshore Staff in the Philippines for

Everyone in the company has a role to play and tasks to complete. 

But did you know that not all tasks are created equal? There are tasks within the organization that can be done by anyone in the world as long as they have the right skills and experience. 

In most cases, the biggest differentiator is the price points or what value do you put for getting those tasks done.  

Those tasks, if performed by a staff within your area, could roughly cost you hundreds of dollars more than having it done elsewhere.  

However, if you value cost-efficiency, hiring an offshore staff could get what you need done for a fraction of your local rates. 

So what are the activities can be performed by an offshore staff for MSP companies? 

Appointment Setting 

This could be handled by anyone with good interpersonal skills, understanding of your product and services, computer literacy, and excellent communication skills.  

If accent is a factor, you will be surprised at how there are offshore staff who have excellent native-sounding accents as well those with neutral accents.  

To further assist in their success, they could also be provided with a script (or create one of their own) to further facilitate in getting their tasks done. 

IT Support 

For level 1 and level 2 tech issues, there is usually a pre-defined solution to it, and this is readily available to anyone in the world. 

For example, a client concerned about how to reset a password would get the same recovery instructions whether it is from a support engineer from your local area or by an offshore staff IT support engineer. 

Sales & Marketing 

Persuasiveness and knack for understanding client needs are universal traits that are found for those gifted individuals in sales and marketing, regardless of where they are in the world. 

Sales tasks such as cold calling, follow-ups, product demos, and the likes could be handled by an offshore team.  

For marketing, tasks such as SEO, keyword research, copywriting, collateral creation, web design/development, social media management, and others could be handled by an offshore team with the right supervision. 

Finance & Administration 

Tasks such as bookkeeping and accounting tasks can be performed by anyone with the right skills and experience in finance. 

Admin work can be taught and provided guidelines for. Anyone with good comprehension and the ability to follow can easily fulfil the admin tasks. 

Hiring an offshore team could give you the means to get the tasks done while giving you incredible savings to use for a rainy day or expanding your business. 


If you want to get more tasks done without breaking the bank, have a conversation with us. May it be for the task mentioned above or other that you think can be done by an offshore team, do reach out to us by email or fill out this form

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