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Solving the IT talent shortage — why getting out of your comfort zone matters

Solving IT Talent Shortage - Techno Global Team

If you are hoping that 2023 will be a better year to grow your team, stats show that it will be more difficult than the previous year. 

Though it is achievable to increase the number of your staff to meet the growing demands in the MSP market, it would entail doing things out of the normal. 

About the Job Market 

The demand for skilled IT workers has been on the rise in recent years, driven by the increasing reliance on technology in business, the growth of data and analytics, and the rise of emerging technologies.  

In the past decade, labor shortages have tripled with 69% of employers struggling to fill positions. By 2030, the shortage could reach over 85.2 million people, which may potentially lead to a loss of trillions of dollars for companies. 

Based on research, 73% of industry leaders predict that they will struggle to recruit the tech talent they need to fill open positions in their organizations.  

Data also says technology is one of the sectors that are hardest hit by this occurrence. Other sectors include engineering, accounting and finance, and customer support.  

The rise of remote work is one of the factors contributing to this shift, as many employees have learned to reevaluate their needs and expectations.  

Another factor contributing to the IT talent shortage is the lack of a sufficient pipeline of qualified workers entering the field. 

With 2023 (and possibly beyond) it is not going to be easier, changing up your tactics on how to get the people you need on board needs to adapt to the times. 

Go for a Global Team 

Finding a local recruit is usually the first step for most companies. Only 6-8 months down the track did they realize that they should have gone with an offshore staffing solution since they still hadn’t found staff by then. 

Across the world, there is a pool of talent that gives you choices on which applicants you want to join your team. 

Having an offshore team is not much of a difference from a local staff working in a remote setting. Especially with an offshore Filipino team, the comm skills are excellent as well as the work ethics. 

Source for Lower Positions 

The usual tactic is finding staff that is equal to the local staff. You can actually benefit and get more tasks done by hiring lower-level staff to take care of the easier tasks. This way, you can have your more senior team focus more on critical tasks and grow into a more leadership role.  

Be a Proactive Recruiter  

Instead of hiring just one, hiring two or more would greatly grow your business more. You can get more tasks done in a shorter span of time.  

Want to learn more about how you can overcome the forecasted concerns in 2023? Have a conversation with us and discover how we can future-proof your business. 

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Proactive Recruitment - Techno Global Team

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