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Non-Technical Offshore Remote Roles You’re Missing Out On

When it comes to what roles to offshore, the first that comes to mind by most people are IT-related roles. 

Though offshoring IT positions has had positive results in business growth, there are other opportunities in the other areas of the company that are commonly overlooked. 

To reach the full benefits and feel the true value of offshoring, start looking into which part of the business you are struggling with. 

Not sure where to get started? We can help by giving you guiding questions and suggesting what roles you can hire to fill the gaps. 

Are office administration tasks eating up your day?

What role can you hire: Executive Assistant 

Benefits: Does transcribing, generate reports, filing, arrange corporate events, keeps you organized 

Do you want more leads in your sales funnel? 

What role can you hire: Appointment Setter 

Benefits: Sets appointment with decision makers, lead generation, pre-qualify leads, and follow-up on leads 

Need help to build your digital presence? 

What role can you hire: Digital Marketing Officer 

Benefits: Manage social media accounts, drive B2B growth marketing strategies, create marketing data reports 

Tired of late hours of doing financial audits? 

What role can you hire: Bookkeeper 

Benefits: Manage accounts receivable and payable, generate financial reports, drive procurement life cycles 

The above roles are just a few suggestions that we can help you get the most out of offshoring. If you want to learn more about offshoring and how to get started, book a discovery call with us. 

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