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Managed Services Bundled with Cybersecurity Training?

With the rise of the managed service market come with the increase in numbers of the opportunistic who want to hack into your system. 

The number of cyber-attacks over the years has been steadily increasing. However, it’s not like the hackers are coming out with cutting-edge way to get your data, because they don’t really need to.  

Over 85% of the data breach are usually caused by human error, according to Data Breach Investigative Report by Verizon. It all could have been prevented if there was proper training for cybersecurity. 

With that said, as suggested by Hope McCluskey, director of channel marketing of Eset, why not bundle cybersecurity training with your offerings? 

Not only would it incur additional revenue for the MSP, but it is a likely to a more effective way for clients to get such training than getting it as a standalone training program. 

Besides that, such trainings has significant ROI for the client compared to if an employee’s negligence lead to a data breach. Besides the monetary lost, recovering the trust to company is far more costly than anything else. 

Including cybersecurity training as a bundle deal in your offerings is something worth exploring. 

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