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Improve Employee Retention and Drive Business Growth With Offshoring

IT Nation 2022 - Peter Bell

Expanding and retaining your team while growing your business at the same time has always been a struggle for many MSPs, but it doesn’t have to be daunting when you plan your processes strategically.

At TGT, we have a solution for you: offshoring. With offshoring, you can have access to top-quality staff who can support your onshore team. It also allows you to focus more on your core goals and boost productivity.


On 31 August, we, along with TGT co-founder Peter Bell, will be heading to IT Nation Connect 2022 to share insights on helping MSPs achieve long-term, impactful growth for their business.  

Visit us at booth #28 on The Star Gold Coast, QLD, and you can ask us about: 

  • What other roles can you hire offshore aside from IT roles 
  • How offshoring can help you save on overhead costs 
  • How you can get started with offshoring 
  • What makes TGT a reliable source for offshoring 
  • And more 


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