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How to Set Your Remote Staff in the Philippines for Success

Having been an offshore staffing provider for years, we discovered that bringing out the best of your Filipino remote staff, or even perhaps the onshore team as well, could be achieved through 4 simple habits. 

Though each country has their own charm and talent, Filipinos are the “go-to” offshore team in Asia for many reasons (such as great communication skills, hardworking, and more). 

But despite that working with a Filipino remote staff is easy, there is still a need for alignment to get the desired results.  

Getting feedback from our community and using our own experiences, here are what we learned: 

Set Proper Expectations 

One of the best ways to set your offshore team or remote staff for success is setting proper expectations.  

Especially when starting out, leave no room for assumptions and dictate what needs to be done to achieve the objective, and preferably, indicate how. 

Documenting processes is one way to make sure that both your offshore team is aligned with your expectations. Furthermore, documenting can help identify gaps or replicate the training for new hires. This activity can be done by your offshore team. 

Create a Timeline 

Remove the ambiguity of when a task will get done by setting a timeline of events. Collaborate with the team to create the deadlines  

Furthermore, it helps monitor projects, workload and resource utilization. 

Say Kudos 

To promote good behavior, recognize both the big and small wins, and indicate what contribution that the offshore staff did that lead to that success. 

If there are any mistakes, analyze the steps in the process and identify the gaps, and then align accordingly. While doing this, continue to reinforce the good that the team has done. 

Enjoy a Good Laugh 

Every now and then, if not more frequently, take some time to connect and share fun stories together. This creates a relaxed atmosphere, giving more breeding room for the next great ideas. 

It also creates a sense of psychological safety and improves the mental health of the team. 

Getting the best out of your remote staff in the Philippines could give your business a significant boost.  


With Techno Global Team, we provide you the support and guidance to bring out the best out of your Filipino remote staff.  

Learn how easy it is to have a high-productive and engaged offshore team by having a conversation with us. You may reach out to us at or use our contact form

You may also check out our white papers to get a comprehensive guide about how you can elevate your business.

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