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How To Effectively Delegate Tasks To Your Global Team

How to delegate tasks to your team - Techno Global Team

Now that you have built a Global Team, the next important thing is delegating tasks on a full scale.   

Since many of the everyday tasks are absorbed and have become a part of the routine of the onshore team, there is still a phase where they need to learn to “let go” of the time-consuming tasks and pass these on to the offshore team. 

One of the most important aspects of being productive at work is being able to delegate effectively to your Offshore Team.  

When you do everything yourself, you are simply limiting your business’s growth to the amount of time you can give to it, which is finite. 

So how do you effectively delegate tasks to your Global Team and ensure success?  

Here are a few points to remember: 

1. Document business processes 

This can help you determine which tasks can be passed on to your Offshore Team. It can also help you identify ways to improve current and future processes.  

The documentation process can also be delegated to your Offshore Team. Another benefit is that new members of the team can see the process and catch up faster. 

2. Keep in mind that communication is vital 

Delegating tasks may sound easy, but communication is important in making sure your objectives and processes are met. 

One challenging part about communicating with Offshore Teams is the differences in time, language, and accessibility.  

In order to improve communication within your organization, always keep these in mind: 

  • Be clear about your goals and objectives to avoid misunderstanding.  
  • For instructions, keep the language simple and direct. Make sure to indicate all the details and clarify the complex ones.  
  • Set timelines so you can easily keep track of the progress and set expectations for your team.  
  • Use a collaboration tool or a communication platform (such as chat group, email thread, or shared document) that is accessible to keep all the stakeholders informed.  

3. Decide which tasks you want to delegate 

Part of your decision-making process should include knowing which tasks you can delegate.  

You may also use these questions to serve as your guide: 

  • Which of these tasks are time consuming? 
  • What tasks stop me from getting all other objectives done? 
  • Which of my tasks could be done better by someone else? 

4. Know your team’s strengths and weaknesses 

Maximize your team’s potential by knowing which areas they excel in and which tasks they do best. Treating them as part of your Onshore Team and leveraging their strengths is the core of an effective delegation.  

Its Impact on Productivity 

We understand that letting go of the tasks you have grown accustomed to doing can be tough, but to fully make the most out of your Global Team, effective delegation is key.  

Not only will it boost your overall productivity and project efficiencies, but it will also help free up your time, which you can use for other endeavors or focus on other projects to increase revenue streams. 

If you’re on the lookout for high performing team members to add to your existing Global Team, let’s have a conversation today.  

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