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How Offshoring Beats Outsourcing – Part 2

Much debate has been going back and forth between outsourcing and offshoring, but the bottom-line is it depends on what you want to achieve and focus on. 

If your business objective is in line with growth, better customer satisfaction, and long-term focus on building your brand, offshoring is the way to go. 

Outsourcing, on the other hand, is all about getting tasks done regardless of the methodology and, in many cases, it undervalues how your clients experience the outsourced team processes. 

Let’s further elaborate on the key points of offshoring: 

Go Global 

When you have offshore team, they are your Team.  

An offshore staffing provider simply gives you the means to legally employ staff, handle their payroll, and gives you the added protection of uncertainties that one gets when hiring a freelancer. 

As your Team, they become ambassadors of your brand along with your vision and mission in the country they are in. Not many of your competitors could say that your brand and beliefs are known and practiced in a country across the world. 

Besides that, in case of global expansion, you become familiar with other cultures, how to connect with them, and profit from them. 

In for the Long Haul 

Many companies who started with outsourcing eventually move forward with building an offshore team in the same country where they outsourced. 

The reason for the shift is that they wanted more control over how things are done, how the team they are working with are treated, and they also become tired of negotiating with their outsourcing provider. 

Building an offshore team from the start cuts you to the chase and saves you the trouble of transitioning from outsourcing to offshoring.  

In some cases, outsourced providers give you a penalty or they require you to pay a premium if you want to acquire the staff that you have worked with for years. Opposed to an offshore model, they are your staff from the beginning. 

More Focus on Your Growth 

Aligned with your shared beliefs and goals, your offshore team is more focused on the growth of your business.  

On the other hand, outsourced providers are keener to increase your reliance on their services, meaning their growth precedes others. 

Between offshoring and outsourcing, building an offshore team has greater benefits for those who want a long-term solution, to focus on building better client relationships, and, perhaps, reach world-domination. 


Building an offshoring team is not a complicated process with the right provider. Get in touch with us and we’ll show you how you wish you started building an offshore team years ago.

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