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How Offshoring Beats Outsourcing – Part 1

At this point, you recognize that having a team is crucial for your business growth. To achieve your success points, do you build a team or hand it over to someone else? 

Such is the question to ask when you are standing on the fork of the road, whether to go for building an offshore team or outsourcing it. 

The Road Less Traveled 

Over the years, outsourcing has been the popular choice, but over some time, offshoring has gotten more recognition it deserves. 

Because offshore teams are built around your culture, beliefs, and methodologies, they inherit the winning charm that got your clients to sign up to your business. 

Besides that, let me share with you other areas where offshoring beats outsourcing. 

#1 Get the Team that you want 

In an outsourced model, many choose the talent for you. Opposed to an offshore model, you have a higher involvement and say in who you want to work with. 

#2 Incorporate Your Values 

Because of the setup of an outsourced model, it is not conducive to easily relay your values and establish long-lasting relationship that one gets when working alongside on projects or tasks, which happens in an offshore team setup. 

#3 Get Results Your Way 

Another key benefit of offshoring is that you get to dictate the processes and incorporate your best practices into the team members. This way, you can maintain standards and get the results the way you want it to be achieved. 

In short, offshoring achieves results according to your standards and values. With all transparency, it is not an overnight solution, but a long-term solution that is sustainable and has great returns in many ways. 


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