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Hiring Freelancers versus Offshore Staff

As more and more vacancies getting harder to fill, many are looking into the Philippines to fill in the roles through either hiring a freelancer or an offshore staff.  

With a bigger talent pool with premium skills and excellent communication skills, the Philippines is becoming the “go-to” source for cost-effective talent. 

While it is tempting to hire “freelancers” or an independent contractor, there is a certain risk that comes with it. 

Below shows how offshoring solutions can curb or eliminate those risks: 

Ensures Legality of Agreements 

With freelancing, the agreement is made between employer and staff. If any of the terms are broken, chasing after claims is either costly or even impossible to get. 

Having an offshore staffing provider to create the agreements gives employers outside the Philippines the legal protection by creating contracts duly recognized by the local law.  

Background Checks & Technical Recruitment 

Nowadays, anyone can easily insert in their profiles if they have a certain skillset or experience from a previous employer. 

An offshoring company can easily verify if those statements are true means by conducting a ground investigation or character reference check. 

For the skill aspects, technical recruiters can conduct assessment to know if they have the skills that they claim that they have.  

This could reduce or eliminate mismatched hires and save you from loss of productivity, or even bad reviews from faulty services delivered to your clients. 

Statutory Regulations 

In the Philippines, every working Filipino needs to pay taxes and the mandatory benefits. For many freelancers, they forego the tax payments to maximize their take home money. 

However, with an offshore company, the staff are ensured that taxes and benefits are paid in the correct amount and on time. 

There is a multitude of reasons of how choosing an offshore staffing provider out bests hiring an independent contractor.  

If you want to learn how hiring an offshore team in the Philippines could benefit you on the long run, let’s get the conversation started by sending an inquiry to or fill out this form

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