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Cybersecurity Tips for Onshore and Offshore Teams

Nowadays, data is as valuable as gold, or maybe worth even more. 

Information can help in making key decisions in finding new prospects, coming up with new strategies, and getting an advantage over your competitors. 

For that reason, keeping your data safe is our utmost priority. Here in TGT, being ISO 27001 certified, we abide by the strict international standards for information security management system. 

In line with that, while we do our part in cybersecurity, we would like to share tips on how you can give another layer of protection for your data security. 

Data Security is Everyone’s Responsibility 

For both onshore and offshore Teams, indicating the “why” for keeping data safe gives more emphasis on its importance. 

Also, reiterating that data security is not a one-man’s responsibility, but a Team effort. Though the data privacy officer (DPO) may coordinate the efforts, it is the conscious effort of each individual is what will maintain security. 

Manage User Roles 

When creating repository of sensitive information, it would be ideal to categorize on what information is needed for a role to fulfill their tasks, and which ones aren’t. 

From there, create different level of access. For instance, a project manager may require more access to information than a graphic artist. 

Put an Expiration Date on Access 

Especially for ad hoc or seasonal projects, putting an expiration date, or even a reminder to revoke access, is a good practice to have. 

This way you eliminate or lessen the risks of unforeseen threats. 

With those simple tips mentioned above, together we could curb or eliminate threats on your data.   


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