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A must-have checklist for choosing an offshore staffing provider

Some quick stats: 

  • 54% of the companies worldwide are prioritizing digital transformation, while 40% are more focused on cybersecurity 
  • A median of 5% increase has been allocated to the IT budget by companies across the world 

Much of the expected growth for the managed service market is owed to the rise of the demand of businesses to accelerate their own growth, and much of this will be done through digital transformation. 

With their growth, you too can grow if you can keep up with their demands, and the most cost-effective way is having an offshore team. 

While there are several offshore staff providers out there, figuring out which one works best for you gets a bit daunting. We created a simple checklist to help you decide. 

How long have they been an offshore staffing company? 

The longer they have been in business, the more experience they have and more knowledge on how to make offshoring work for businesses. 

If they have been around for eight years or more than a decade, that is a good indicator of stability and knowing the ins and outs of making offshoring work for clients. 

Do they have honest reviews? 

Look for honest reviews from clients of offshore team provider Preferably, the reviews are not on their website alone. Having reviews on third-party sites such as, a trusted B2B review platform, would give you better insights. 

What standards do they follow for data privacy and information security? 

More than ever, protecting your data is important. How it is handled, processed, and stored is critical in keeping sensitive information safe.  

Seeing a company with ISO certification is a good indication that they take your data very seriously. 

Do they have a good IT infrastructure? 

As mentioned in the quick stats, cyber security is also important. Ask the offshore staffing provider how they steer clear or ward of cyber-attacks for both their online and offline platforms.  

Hearing the answers to the questions above could give you insight into what it would be like to have them as an offshore provider. 

Hear our answers to the questions above by reaching out to us at, or fill out this form. We trust that you will find our answers very enlightening. 

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