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3 Common Recruiting Mistakes and How You Can Avoid It Through Offshoring

3 Common Recruiting Mistakes and How You Can Avoid It Through Offshoring - TGT

Having the right people onboard your Team has exponential benefits. From higher profits, happier clients, and all the way to better brand recognition. 

To get the right people, you will need the right recruitment strategies and avoiding the common mistakes.  

Poor hiring practices have a much bigger impact on your business than you think. It has both direct and indirect consequences, and in the current and tight labor market, a mistake can hurt your bottom line. 

The cost that comes with bad hires 

Aside from lowering profitability, the impact of a bad hire is transcended to various aspects of your business, such as: 

  • The level of productivity and performance 
  • Brand image to the clients 
  • Increase training and recruitment costs 
  • Dip in the team morale 

We identify three common recruiting mistakes to watch out for so you can easily ramp up your hiring strategies.

Mistake #1: Spending too much on hiring  

In the current local market, particularly for the MSP industry, the growing demand for IT talent far outweighs the supply of candidates.  

A lot of qualified staff have voluntarily left the workforce during the pandemic with no plans of returning, while others sought after companies that provide higher pay.  

This voluntary attrition signaled a competition for talent. Jobseekers are gaining the upper hand and businesses are most often left with no choice. You either wait for months to find the most suitable staff, or you give in to high asking salaries/wages just to fill vacancies and keep up with demand. 

People are spending too much time looking for talent, creating a strategy, and possibly, long hours of headhunting or paying for job platforms. And all this for a talent with a high salary and might exit out due to a higher offering. 

If the salary alone is already overwhelming for you, imagine when you sum up all the other costs that come with it. 


Mistake #2: Hiring at a disadvantageous time 

Most MSPs and businesses start recruiting IT talent right when the need for employees arises.  Only then would the cycle of headhunting, setting up interviews, etc., begin.  

The thing is, not planning ahead of time leads to a string of negative consequences. In worst case scenarios, you might end up sacrificing performance quality due to an immediate need of filling roles.

Mistake #3: Hiring based on skills while completely disregarding the personality 

Experience and skills are an indicator of a highly qualified candidate, but personality is just as important—and many companies may not be aware of that.  

Skills can be learned and developed, while personality is inherent in an individual. Having the right attitude can drive a person to grow.  

You may hire the best candidate with all the experience and skills needed to provide impressive results, but without a good personality, conflicts within the team are most likely to occur.  

Workplace conflicts, especially prolonged ones, can impact team morale and performance. 


Our Solution 

We understand that finding the right staff and growing them into a dynamic team can be daunting. But you can mitigate risks with the right strategy. Here are some of the things you can do to improve your processes:  


  • Delegate tasks offshore 

Offshoring has been one of the go-to options for organizations who are looking to expand their business operations in a more cost-effective way.   

For those who haven’t heard of offshoring, it simply means moving some of your business processes to a different location. With offshoring, you can still manage your offshore teams from within your company, only at a much lower cost and spending.  

When you offload some of your work to offshore professionals, you would still get the same quality of work, without worrying about the overhead expenses. 

TGT has been doing this for over 10 years, and we have helped many businesses in scaling their operations. 


  • Start your recruitment ahead 

Remember that your hiring tactics can help you easily scale if done right. You need to take two steps ahead and consider what your business’s future needs are. If you want a team in the next quarter, start attracting talents and hiring them as early as possible. 

TGT can make this easy for you by finding the talent you need. We handle all aspects of the recruitment processes, from screening applicants through to onboarding. 


  • Consider a candidate’s personality when hiring

Keep in mind that personality is always important when it comes to hiring staff. Look for people who match your company’s culture. The right candidate doesn’t have to be perfect, but if that candidate can tick most of the boxes of what you need, you should go to hire instead of looking for a unicorn. 

Here at TGT, we are always committed to helping your business thrive and flourish, and we start by providing great talents who are culturally fit for your company.  


Talk to Us About Offshoring 

Part of ramping up your recruitment strategies is knowing how to expand your team without worrying about additional or skyrocketing costs. TGT is here to help you. Intrigued about how this works? Reach out to our Sales team to get started. 

You may also check out our white papers to get a comprehensive guide about how you can elevate your business.

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